Marketing online, software and hardware

The IT consultancy service targets businesses that want to optimize their IT costs. Faro Development has the "know how" in the web field and can offer advice on everything that means online marketing, software and hardware required for an SME.

The key elements that make us a trusted advisor are:
- Big experience we have acquired over time in software development and online marketing solutions;
- Collaborations with the most professional hardware companies in the country, being able to offer the best prices on equipment both new or second hand;
- Collaborations with renowned advertising companies both nationally and internationally.

Software solutions offered by us are generally low cost and targeted on customer needs. We optimize costs but more importantly, we optimize processes and time. Consulting on the marketing field begins with naming & branding both online and offline and continue to create / promote your company image through web Design services, Development, SEO & SEM.

So whether you are a traditional or a new company that wants to expand their clients area through the Internet, we can provide the most suitable tools that will help you develop fast, inexpensive and safe.

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