When it comes to development or implementation, each project is based on our tripod: "good functionality", "speed of response" and "easy usability." Experience has shown that if the foundation of a project consists of these ingredients, its purpose will be a positive one.

Every bit of code written is optimized using the latest software and features on the market to create the best functions.We are specialized in working with HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL. When it comes to frameworks or CMS, we have a lot of experience with: Laravel, Phalcon, AngularJS, AureliaJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Wordpress, Prestashop, Magento, our own CMS

Web design

Trends in the web are always changing. Fresk look sites are highly appreciated by visitors, are giving the impression of "up-to-date" and also offers visitors more confidence and that turns into a potential client. Our designers are paying attention to details and working a lot with their colleagues to achieve promotion pleasant layouts, useful and also easy to use for both our customer and visitors.

Opensource platforms

Open Source Software has taken root increasingly deeper and branched lately. The advantage of using Open Source Software is that it reduces development time and also the final price of the application which can be much smaller. So the client pays the result, not all applications development, but customizing Open Source Software.

Web app

Applications makes it easy for us, it automate the processes and gives us dynamics. But however useful is an application, its accessibility is very important. The ability to access it via the browser, offering greater mobility especially. With a mobile device such as notebook / tablet / smartphone, web applications can be accessed easily and quickly.We are specialized in web applications development and optimizing them for mobile, tablet or smartphone especially for sites where the basic interface is "touch".

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